I am a Mexican-American Artist and hostel worker living in Mexico City.

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Head of Lenin, Romania, 1994, Josef Koudelka

Cuba Skate

"…Cuba Skate, a program that hopes to connect Cuba’s skate community with the rest of the world…"

Read more at http://www.remezcla.com/2014/latin/inside-havanas-fledgling-skateboarding-scene/

- George Orwell
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Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin

John Lucas - New Every Morning
John Lucas
New Every Morning

"You move mountains for me but leave some standing. You see courage in my heart."


This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features documentary filmmaker Dyanna Taylor and art historian and author Judith Zilczer. 

Taylor is the director of the forthcoming PBS "American Masters" documentary on the life and work of Dorothea Lange. Titled "Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning," the film looks at Lange’s life from her upbringing outside New York City, to her emergence as a major American photographer. Lange is best-known for her work chronicling the Dust Bowl era, but her oeuvre includes much more, including pictures of Depression-era labor strife, the internment of Japanese-Americans and early environmentalist documentary photography. Such was Lange’s stature that just after she died in 1966 the Museum of Modern Art devoted just its sixth retrospective of a photographer’s career to her work. 

"Grab a Hunk of Lightning" premieres on PBS stations this Friday, August 29. Check your local listings to see if your PBS station is airing it at that time.

Taylor has won five Emmy awards for her work as a cinematographer and director of photography, and as also won a Peabody Award for the “American Masters” episode “Winter Dreams: F. Scott Fitzgerald.” She’s currently at work on a documentary about James Turrell and Roden Crater. Taylor also happens to be Lange and husband Paul Taylor’s granddaughter. 

The pictures here are portraits Lange made related to the federal government’s internment of Japanese-Americans in 1942. All were taken at Manzanar. 

Throughout the day MANPodcast.com will be featuring Lange’s images of and related to internment..

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"Aaron in April" Watercolour and Ink.

It’s the Love of my life.

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Artist Name: Hilary Dow

Tumblr: http://hilarydow.tumblr.com

- W.H. Auden (via observando)
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- Ezra 7:10
Johnny Flynn - Lost and Found [Rockfeedback Session]
Johnny Flynn
Lost and Found [Rockfeedback Session]
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